Arya is a young E-health Startup: We aim to improve the quality of life of people suffering from depression.
 To reach this goal we develop (in collaboration with those affected, therapists and scientists) digital tools to support and improve the treatment of depression. Besides making these medical tools accessible to a broad audience, we also focus on actively challenging the stigma on mental illness in society.

To complement our Berlin-based team, we are currently looking for a


In this position you will lead the development of our entire technological stack. In close cooperation with the founders, Kristina and Purcy, you will make essential decisions regarding the technologies and software architecture used particularly in the performance- and cost-benefit-aspects. As the link between the CEO and the development team, you will take care of the alignment of the company’s goals and the technical projects. You are the direct supervisor and contact person of the developers.

Your profile:

  • Work experience in technical areas with proven leadership skills.
  • You have an all-around Javascript view in different flavours, frontend, backend and mobile.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the different pieces of a connected service: web, mobile, services, databases, etc....
  • With your proficient knowledge of best practices in data security, protecting our users’ sensitive data becomes a mission for you.
  • Experience with ReactJS, React Native and development for mobile environments are highly welcomed.
  • Big plus is a broad understanding of machine learning or quality management practices.
  • You prefer an ever changing environment over the monotony of a corporate environment.
  • Good communication skills, integrity and entrepreneurial spirit.

What we offer:

  • The possibility to build the future: we are acting in a field not only with huge market potential, but also with a great opportunity for innovation – you will be the technical lead!
  • Joining our venture pays off: shares in the company will complement your compensation.
  • A position with responsibility at a highly recognised startup in the field of med-tech.
  • An intrinsically motivated and fun team..
  • Flexible working hours and a creative working environment.

Is this you? Let us know at

We're always looking for talented people with a passion to make a social impact. Contact us at if you think you can contribute to our cause.