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Q. Can I use Arya without a therapist?

A. Arya is primarily designed for professional use. Although for best results we advise therapist guidance, it is possible to use the standalone moodreflection tool without a therapist.

Q. How does the journalling work?

A. The default journal is based on methods currently used in cognitive behavior therapy. The journal asks you about your mood, the circumstances surrounding your mood, your thoughts and your reaction to help you reflect and regain control over your emotions.

Q. How about privacy, who can see my data?

A. Your journals are personal, we will make sure to keep it that way. Only you and your selected therapist will be able to see your complete journals.

We collect depersonalised data for two purposes: 1. To improve the app. By using Arya, you're helping us to make it smarter and better for future use. 2. To enable scientific research aimed at improving depression therapy.

ARYA will never give your personal information to third parties without your consent.

Q. How secure are my journals?

We are encrypting the data both on the phone and in the database. For secure communication between App and database we use SSL.

ARYA data will be stored on European servers that comply with the Data Protection Act.