Now available for free in Germany
A professional Moodreflection App to help you Reclaim your life from depression


Mood Journaling

Track your emotions and related behavior patterns easy and discreetly, anywhere at any time. Becoming aware of your (automatic) patterns helps you to gain more control and understanding.

Planning Wellbeing Activities

The Arya Companion includes over 150 suggestions of wellbeing activities. You can add your favorite activities to your 'toolbox', plan them and check them in.

Make Arya a habit

Mood tracking is most effective if you do it regularly. Set a daily target and try to reach it. The reminder will support you in that. Each day you will learn a bit more about yourself.


You are keeping your journals secure to yourself: The data is encrypted and stored locally on your iPhone. Arya is not sharing information with other apps.


Die App erleichtert meine Therapie enorm. Ich kann jederzeit mein Tagebuch diskret führen und meine Glücksmomente der letzten Wochen sehen.


Arya app kann die Therapie deutlich vereinfachen.


Mit Arya kann man an seinen Gefühls- und Gedankenmustern arbeiten, wo auch immer man gerade ist. Ein tolles Tool!

Dr. med Thomas Lenzen